Our roll handling grippers use our exclusive cam lock core probe for 3" and 6" cores that provides secure core gripping without marring the the core. Air powered rotation with hydraulic dampening translates to fast as well as smooth rotational speeds. Optional anti-telescoping outside diameter clamps, which are easily removed,
Various models and load capacities are available. ( see "SPECIFICATIONS" page)  

SMG drum grippers are capable of lifting a variety of drum diameters and weight from pallets, transfer, and pour contents into a hopper. Smooth even air powered rotation is acomplished with a hydraulic dampener that also allows operator to instantly stop and reverse pouring. Whether your drum is steel, plastic, fiber or corrigated, round or square our drum grippers can safely grip and pour your drums. Various models and load capacities are available. ( See "SPECIFICATIONS" page)

We have adapted our standard mandrel/ tube gripper designs to a variety of mandrel sizes. The dual hook mandrel gripper with our unique swing away arm performs several functions in one unit; unloads loaded mandrel from the slitter; transfers all to the strip table; strips the rolls from the bar; recores bar; places mandrel back into the winder. Whether it is the single end or dual end grip all of our grippers have safety load interlocks to prevent accidental droppage.
Various models and load capacities are available. ( See "SPECIFICATIONS" page)

All sizes, weights, and types of bags, can be lifted with our bag grippers. Paper, plastic even burlap can be quickly lifted and transfered to the drop-off destination. We achieve the vacuum holding power from a low HP regenerative blower. The lifting is still acomplished with compressed air. This split system approach insures secure gripping of the bags without effecting the lifting/ lowering speeds. Standard finishes are powder coated steel and anodized aluminum. Stainless steel models are available. Floor mounted models with 99 inches of arm reach are able to cover most palletizing or depalletizing applications.For larger area coverage lift units can be mounted on overhead rail or on a electric powered cart.

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